Through The Wild Eye

I work. Hard. In a pressured, professional environment. Then I hunt, I photograph and I write. In that order. These last three things define my alter-ego, the man who takes off his corporate uniform (the suit) and disappears into the wilderness to lose himself in the beauty and raw vitality of Mother Nature. Sometimes, for … Continue reading Through The Wild Eye

One For Sorrow

As spring gradually overcomes winters chilly grip, one of the first vermin species to pair off and start to prepare for breeding is the magpie. Having spent the harshest of winters weather scavenging in groups (the largest I have ever seen comprised eighteen birds) this normally territorial corvid gets all romantic around Valentines Day as the … Continue reading One For Sorrow

An ideal tool for vermin control

One of the frustrating situations faced by the smallholder or gardener is the incursion of pest species and a limited ability to control them. Woodpigeons, feral pigeons, rabbits and some of the crow family can swiftly undo all that hard work put into preparing and sowing a crop such as brassicas, peas or beans. Rats, … Continue reading An ideal tool for vermin control