Easter – Sad Birders & Fake Murders

Family obligations always sit lighter with me when they involve the outdoors, so a previously unexplored walk around Dunwich and Minsmere was undertaken with only minimal protest on Easter Sunday. I feel naked walking without a gun but carrying my DSLR camera at least preserves some modesty and purpose. As the route planning was left … Continue reading Easter – Sad Birders & Fake Murders

Katie And The Coal Tits

Driving towards my shoot this morning I passed the rookery. Already it is all clamour and commotion, the older birds restoring their nests while the competition for ‘new-builds’ by the next generation is lively. I paused for a while to enjoy the industry. Dozens of the white-faced black birds soaring from bough to brash in … Continue reading Katie And The Coal Tits

Harriers and Harnsers

Walking along the banks of the only man-made canal in Norfolk, the redundant Dilham Canal, resembled a walk through a petrified forest. Whatever calamity had befallen the trees here was beyond my limited arboreal knowledge. Dutch Elm disease? The legions of half-trees, many now devoid of bark and ravaged by woodpecker drillings looked as though … Continue reading Harriers and Harnsers

Vandals and Vindication

Culling squirrels last weekend on a Norfolk estate I couldn’t help but despair at the amount of destruction being carried out, unchecked, among the woods and coverts when no-one is around to protect the land. The hooliganism has reached a massive scale and always happens at night. Nor is it localised. The reprobates have spread … Continue reading Vandals and Vindication

The Buckenham Rook Roost

  (A re-post from 2013) I’d lived in Norfolk for thirteen years but had never taken the time to visit the legendary Buckenham rook roost, despite passing close to it on my commute from work in Yarmouth back to Norwich most days for the past six years. I’d read Mark Cockers excellent book ’Crow Country’ … Continue reading The Buckenham Rook Roost

Wild Intelligence – The Sixth Sense

I watched the cock blackbird in my garden, looking skyward at the squadrons of rooks returning home to roost. What was he thinking? The low, fast flight of a bird over his head made him draw in his neck and freeze. Sparrowhawk ..! No .. he relaxed, for it was a late returning woodpigeon flashing … Continue reading Wild Intelligence – The Sixth Sense