Mountains and Molehills

I hobbled around the Garden wood this morning, reflecting on a well crafted article in Shooting Times last week. Barry Stoffel’s piece was based on a series of conservations with ‘older generation’ countrysports enthusiasts. The main theme being that the older we get, the more we adjust our activities to compensate for changes in physical … Continue reading Mountains and Molehills

Scent, Stalking and Sanity – Why I Shoot

It was just after sunrise when I pulled open the curtains and cranked open the vertical blinds. The frosted scene outside warmed my heart, for today I was guaranteed my first ‘pass-out’ for nearly three weeks. I mentioned in my last blog my lovely wife’s cancer diagnosis and the enforced shielding before her op. Thankfully … Continue reading Scent, Stalking and Sanity – Why I Shoot

The Renegade: Tenkara, Rimfire and Reynard

Driving slowly along the concrete drive into my main shooting permission this morning, I felt like the prodigal son returned. A grey squirrel scampered from the grass margin and sprinted along the track in front of the motor. It’s presence annoyed me, sullying my reputation as ‘the squirrel man’ on this land. Yet I didn’t … Continue reading The Renegade: Tenkara, Rimfire and Reynard