The Belligerent Buzzard

I could see the old male buzzard stood sentinel on a fence post as I rolled the X-Trail along the muddy drive towards the farm. “I’ve got you, this time, you old bugger!” I thought, my finger pushing the switch to lower the drivers side window. Before I coasted slowly by I lifted the DSLR … Continue reading The Belligerent Buzzard

The Buckenham Rook Roost

  (A re-post from 2013) I’d lived in Norfolk for thirteen years but had never taken the time to visit the legendary Buckenham rook roost, despite passing close to it on my commute from work in Yarmouth back to Norwich most days for the past six years. I’d read Mark Cockers excellent book ’Crow Country’ … Continue reading The Buckenham Rook Roost

Wild Intelligence – The Sixth Sense

I watched the cock blackbird in my garden, looking skyward at the squadrons of rooks returning home to roost. What was he thinking? The low, fast flight of a bird over his head made him draw in his neck and freeze. Sparrowhawk ..! No .. he relaxed, for it was a late returning woodpigeon flashing … Continue reading Wild Intelligence – The Sixth Sense

Roes, Raptors and Snowdrops

(First published February 2014) The only creatures that seem to be enjoying the spate of gales and squalls on this wild weekend seem to be the rooks, as usual. Driving up the long, metalled drive to the farm I watched them soar, face to the wind, then wheel and dive. Testing their flying skills against … Continue reading Roes, Raptors and Snowdrops

The Frozen Woodpigeon

I picked up a frozen pigeon the other morning, lying on the path as stiff as a board. The mercury had plummeted to about -4C overnight but it was the cutting easterly wind that would have beaten the bird, sending its body temperature well below survival level. Being out there in the fields and woods … Continue reading The Frozen Woodpigeon

Snowstorms and Witches

Looking back before entering the silent wood, I stared at the gun-metal grey sky and acknowledged the threat. In the distance a couple of huge wind-turbines stood sentinel, their blades still. Two white aliens etched onto a slate canvas. The lurcher stood beside me, scenting the ice cold breeze. The silence was eerie, menacing, the … Continue reading Snowstorms and Witches