Long Walk, Little Rifle

Stepping from the motor into my own frosted breath, I applauded myself for adding an extra base layer to the shooting attire this morning. The low winter sun wasn’t going to win against a scything Easterly breeze today. Before donning my shooting mitts I loaded two magazines with .22 Air Arms field diablo pellets. I … Continue reading Long Walk, Little Rifle

When The Wind Blows

On the second weekend in August (while the rest of the UK was subjected to a battering, torrential rain, and flooding) here in East Anglia we got off lightly with just warm, gale-force winds. Yet the temperature was about 26C. It reminded me of the tent-tearing ‘scirocco’ I endured on my only ever camping trip … Continue reading When The Wind Blows

The Magpie (Pica pica)… an extract from my latest book

I respect most wildlife, even the pest species. Yet I find it hard to love the magpie, even as an adversary. Its cowardly ‘sneak-thief’ demeanour and bullying of lesser birds puts it high on my watch list. Over the past 40 years the British magpie population has multiplied ten-fold and is estimated now to be … Continue reading The Magpie (Pica pica)… an extract from my latest book