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The Complete Airgunner

Hunting and Fieldcraft with Shotgun and Rifle

Airgun Fieldcraft

Grey Squirrel Control with An Air Rifle


Woodpigeon Control With An Air Rifle

Through The Wild Eye


The Airguns Hunters Year


The Hunters Way


The Hunters Hound

hunters hound cover

A Year In Eden


 Jaguar! The Black Angel (novel)


Hobby Writing

15 Smiles An Hour; Amazon Flex – A New Way To Work

5 thoughts on “Books

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  2. Hi i ordered the hunters way and controlling grey squirells with an air rifle and the order said will arrive between 6&7th dec but still hav not arrived


    1. Hi Arfon.
      Sorry about this but when you order via Amazon the books are printed to order. They don’t keep shelf stock. I hope they’re with you soon and that you enjoy them. Thanks for buying and for getting in touch.
      Ian Barnett.


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