New Book Launch – Hunting and Fieldcraft with Shotgun and Rifle

This book is for anyone who ranges the countryside harvesting meat for the table, undertaking crop protection and protecting vulnerable species from predation. It is for the mature adult venturing into shooting with a limited knowledge of bird and beast. Or perhaps changing from air rifles to more powerful tools. It is for the kid with the catapult (for that is where I started), that they might aspire to greater things. Whatever gun you may carry, the fieldcraft needed is much the same. Respect for our quarry begins with knowledge and Ian has spent over five decades studying the ways of bird and beast. Within this book he shares that experience. Not just from a natural history perspective but from the hunters perspective too. It covers a whole range of subjects. Gun safety, maintenance, choice of gun, zeroing scopes, range judgement and shooting techniques. There is a detailed section on every legal quarry species up to and including the fox. The book includes sections on feeding sign, quarry sound and movement, tracking and trailing, the use of calls and decoys. It discusses health and hygiene while hunting, gaining and keeping shooting permission, the law and advice on obtaining Firearms and Shotgun certificates. The book finishes with details of how to prepare small game and birds for the table and a recipe section. The text is around 80,000 words, 254 pages and there are 150 colour photographs, all but one taken by the author.

Kindle version

Print version

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