The Facts of Rural Life

Very much looking forward to reading this book. Though I think Kate Hoey may be cribbing some of my recent lines!

James Barrington

Last year, environmental journalist Charlie Pye-Smith wrote an article about a new book project, the aim of which was to explain the need for better wildlife management and its benefits. (Wildlife management: Guest blog – Charlie Pye-Smith)FORL 7

This week saw the launch of The Facts of Rural Life, which has already received much well-deserved praise, not least from the two main speakers at the event, MPs Sir Nicholas Soames and Kate Hoey. Speeches were introduced by Brian Fanshawe, who had done so much of the ‘behind the scenes’ work in supporting the project. Those attending included academics, writers, conservation and animal welfare groups, as well as MPs and Peers, including five former ministers.

Sir Nicholas referred to the book as an outstanding and extraordinarily important project saying it is, “a masterpiece of sensible, down-to-earth, practical, knowledgeable words”. He added, “I am wholly confident that it will provide guidance for the Government…

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