A Summer Sundown


So peaceful. Close to 10pm here on the garden deck and still very warm. The sun has set … a subtle display of reds and pinks … but the twilight has now settled into a cornflower blue vista dotted with light cloud. The pipistrelle bats are swooping across the tops of the cherry trees and feeding on the bugs that rise to find a higher roost as the ground cools and dampens. The May bugs broke ground today, a month late, yet in perfect time for the bat kits and fledgling swallows and swifts. The aerial acrobatics from afternoon to dusk have been a joy to watch. Bird and bat. Butterfly and bug. I’ll venture indoors soon and abandon my vigil at the bench. Not because the wife insists. Not because the bats have stopped hawking. Simply because my whisky tumbler is empty. Time to top up and resume the vigil. I haven’t heard the tawny owls yet, so it can’t be bedtime, can it?

Copyright Ian Barnett, Wildscribbler, June 2015

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