Spring Watch … A Post-Script

My post last night seems to have provoked much sympathy, not just from the shooting and gamekeeping community but also from many ‘birders’ who want to distance themselves from the deliberately divisive antics of a few attention seeking ‘media stars’. It seems that many of the ground level non-shooting wildlife watchers actually do appreciate the need for predator control. They just wouldn’t want to do it themselves. I am going to make a public apology here for ‘generalising’ the birding community in my comments last night because I didn’t intend that at all. My comments were directed at the elitist bloggers and media personalities who purport to represent the average bird watcher or wildlife lover and actively promote propoganda (and this includes the BBC, who allow this) which mis-informs the public. To continually brand game-keepers as wildlife criminals, without direct evidence, is libellious. I will never apologise for my anger at public figures using their media status to promote mis-information and engender hatred amongst their followers for solid working folk who are going legitimately about their business. It’s outrageous and I’m not going to sit back and ignore it. Today, I have been contacted by a couple of organisations who have asked me to temper my comments because they are ‘trying to build bridges’. I refuse to do that. You can’t reason with the unreasonable. You can’t build a bridge unless there is a bank on either side. To re-iterate, I am a pot-hunter, a songbird protector, a crop protector. Look at my websites. I promote balance and love studying all wild things (not just birds and mammals). My photography proves that. I apologise to no-one for these activities. I guess, therefore, I am also a ‘birder’. So I’m apologising to myself tonight too. But please, if you love wildlife, ignore the sanitised views of media presentation. Many of you saw an owl cannibalise its own chick on TV last night? That’s nature. Fickle, cruel, fascinating and amazing. That’s Mother Nature in reality. Humans are animals too. High order. We are entitled to hunt, cull, farm, control and conserve. We’ve being doing it for millenia. We will continue to do that even after the cities fall to ruin. After the principles of governance and common law fail. When the world is in turmoil all communities look to the farmer and the hunter for food. They always have. I will end with a question. What did you eat today? And I pose that question to the individuals I openly criticised last night? Just asking. I, too, would condemn the illegal death of a raptor. All of my peers would. So why can’t you concentrate your attention (Avery and co) on the RSPB agenda. You forgot the birds. Leave the keepers alone.

3 thoughts on “Spring Watch … A Post-Script

  1. I have been a avid Bird watcher for over 35 years, and I have known long before I rekindled my old shooting hobby that certain birds and animals that we are permitted to control through the general licence are part of the reason our song bird population had dropped, any fool with half a brain cell can see that it’s all linked. Years ago a Magpie was a bit of a treat to see and a jay was even rarer, but now there numbers have increased and they are predating nests for eggs and young along with squirrels more than ever. One of the increases to the predator I do enjoy seeing is that we now have Buzzards and Redkits in the sky’s of Norfolk were they were never seen before.
    The Media need to talk a long hard look at what shooting really means to our wildlife and what good it does. Most people that hunt or pest control really appreciate nature for what it really is and respect the balance that’s needed for our wildlife to flourish.


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