Springwatch … arrogant or deliberately divisive?

I have enough good friends on Facebook to have pre-warned me not to watch tonights Springwatch. From what I hear, I’m glad I didn’t. It annoys me at the best of times, despite the superb videography. I did something far more positive this week. I joined the GWCT. Just pick up a copy of their 2014 Annual Review and look at the last few pages. Check out the credentials of the plethora of staff working for them. In particular, their qualifications. Then compare that to the aggregation of self-promotional, feather kissing, bird bothering, bunny hugging muppets that purport to defend nature through the national media. Yes, I’m talking May, Oddie, Avery, Gervais et al. They make their case from a base of zero knowledge and limited contact with wildlife other than the odd walk around a clinical nature reserve with a pair of binoculars (they wouldn’t have the fieldcraft skills to sit next to a wild bird or animal). Those of us involved in game and wilderness preservation, conservation of songbirds and vulnerable species know that predator control is essential. Yet we also know that certain species are ‘verboten’ and we (more than any twitcher or armchair wildlife pundit) know the principle of natural balance. Springwatch conveniently ‘turned off’ the 24/7 camera coverage this week when a bearded tit nest was cleared out by predators. They chose to infer that the culprit was a brown rat (everyone hates brown rats, don’t they?). Will they ever reveal the truth? Perhaps a fox or mink that could only be there due to the RSPB denial of a need for predator control? The bird-botherers are increasingly turning their attention to attacking the very people who work to preserve the natural balance of the British ecology. People like you and me. People who live and breathe conservation, balance, species preservation and protection. Yet people who, through succesful and traditional methods, have hunted and trapped and shot without disturbing natures balance. Why do institutions like the BBC (allegedly neutral), the RSPB (You Forgot The Birds), the RSPCA (you forgot the definition of ‘cruelty’), continue their attacks on the people closest to the countryside who actually sustain the country traditions and sustain our wild land for the benefit of all wild creatures.

Copyright Ian Barnett, Wildscribbler, 2015

One thought on “Springwatch … arrogant or deliberately divisive?

  1. Man after my own heart Ian! The cracks are showing in the RSPBs propaganda but there are a vast army of people and organisations whose income depends on perpetuating the Walt Disney myth. We all have to put levers in those cracks and start twisting to save our beloved countryside from this juggernaut.


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