Through The Wild Eye

I work. Hard. In a pressured, professional environment. Then I hunt, I photograph and I write. In that order. These last three things define my alter-ego, the man who takes off his corporate uniform (the suit) and disappears into the wilderness to lose himself in the beauty and raw vitality of Mother Nature. Sometimes, for a day. More often, life being as demanding as it is, just for a few hours. I’ve been doing that, withdrawing from the urbane and seeking sanctuary in the wild, for most of my life. For the past ten years I have been lucky enough to find an audience for the scribblings of my alter-ego, through books and magazine articles. I have now reached an age where I’ve decided that the ‘alter-ego’ is more important to me than the ‘ego’. That defining moment, the decision to retire, will come soon and I will have all the time in the world to hunt and write. For the past ten years I have been privileged to write, as a freelance contributor, for some of the top countrysport and shooting periodicals in the UK. Shooting Times, Sporting Rifle, Airgunner … and regularly now for Airgun Shooter and The Countrymans Weekly.  My articles, in all, are intentionally objective. I want the reader to come with me on a journey into the British countryside and experience what happens through my eyes. For the hunter doesn’t see the field and wood as grass and trees. The hunter sees them as bird and beast and insect and track and trail. As flower and berry and fungi and fruit. As scent and scat and threat and call and cry. Just as the wild creature does. Just as the wild eye does. See the ‘Books’ tab on this site to purchase this book.


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